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Albury NSW 2640

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We would love to thank Jeff and Damian at Albury Wodonga Kitchens for the fantastic job they did on our new kitchen, we love it!

Michael & Rebecca Snow

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At Albury Wodonga Kitchens, we're dedicated to custom designing striking kitchens at the most affordable prices. We specialise in practical, stylish kitchens that complement your lifestyle, delivering efficiency and beauty to the most important space in your home.

Today's kitchen is the hub around which your household revolves. It's the cooking, dining and entertaining area, which is why the considered design and uncompromising quality from Albury Wodonga Kitchens makes us the ideal choice for your home.

Above all a kitchen today should provide many years of enjoyment and satisfaction. Kitchens have always needed to look good and be well equipped, yet today, they have so much more to offer. Modern kitchens can be customised to individual needs and lifestyles. The result is optimal room utilisation and quality of motion.

Experience shows that a kitchen will last about 20 years. That's why it makes sense to think hard about your needs and wishes before purchasing the kitchen. DYNAMIC SPACE is an initiative from Blum that helps you to include your personal requirements directly into the kitchen planning process.

Along with your personal wishes, you should also pay attention to the following:

  • Plan sufficient storage space
  • Plan in 5 kitchen zones (Consumables, Non-consumables, Cleaning, Preparation, Cooking)
  • Avoid shelves in base cabinets
  • Select full extensions with an inner dividing system
  • Use fittings that function perfectly for an excellent quality of motion




There is a lack of storage in many kitchens. Before you decide on a new kitchen, you should make sure that there is sufficient space for everything that you want to store in your kitchen. Many kitchen buyers realise too late that they need more storage space.

You can avoid this problem by determining how much storage space you will need before kitchen planning begins.

More space using pull-outs with more storage volume. Using higher backs and closed side walls, pull-outs can be equipped so that they hold more items. It enables you to gain as much as 55% more storage space per pull-out.

More storage space using wider cabinets
Instead of two individual, narrow cabinets, you should choose one wide cabinet. The missing side walls gain you approx. 18% more room to store items.
More storage space using wider cabinets - Blum - Albury Wodonga Kitchens
More storage space using additional drawers - Blum - Albury Wodonga Kitchens More storage space using additional drawers
Higher work surfaces - for corresponding body types - means improved ergonomics in the kitchen. At the same time, you can store more in a drawer and thus gain up to 22% more storage space.
More storage using a larger cabinet depth
Deeper cabinets give you up to 30% more storage space.
More storage using a larger cabinet depth - Blum - Albury Wodonga Kitchens
More space, higher quality - Blum - Albury Wodonga Kitchens More space, higher quality
Available storage space is better utilised with the new solution for corner cabinets.


Download the Blum 'What is the secret?' Brochure (4.93 MB)


Inspiration comes in a multitude of colours and patterns. In fact, there are over 200 spectacular décors in the Laminex Colour Palette. Each has the potential to warm, lighten or lift any room and can be used across a range of applications, including bench tops, doors, panels and more. Click HERE to view the Laminex Colour Palette PDF.


See your perfect space come to life in designer3D.

Step 1
Go to designer3D and select 'Start Planning' to install the program onto your computer.

Step 2
Choose either a pre-designed template or design a room from scratch.

Step 3
Search the online catalogue for cabinets, doors, bench tops and splash backs, as well as over 200 décor options. Then save, print or email your design to Albury Wodonga Kitchens.


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